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Tracey Schaal, Executive Director for Power Inn Alliance, talks with Cody on air about the Making Your Mark Contest. Jim Heberling shows a quick demo of the award-winning concept and invention he wowed judges with to win the top award for the inaugural year in 2017. Applications are open until June 29, 2018.

Good Day Sacramento - 5/29/18 

2018 Local contest for aspiring micro-manufacturers looks for its next winner

Power Inn Alliance Inc. is accepting applications for an annual contest that gives its winner a startup prize package worth more than $50,000.
The contest, called Making Your Mark, is aimed at a specific group of entrepreneurs: aspiring micro-manufacturers.

Sac Business Journal

Power Inn Alliance contest to reward micro-manufacturer

Sacramento’s Power Inn Alliance is now taking applications for its second “Making Your Mark” contest, welcoming entries from micro-manufacturers who want to open up shop within the business district’s borders.

Sac Bee


This entrepreneur just won a local business contest

An inaugural business competition in the Power Inn District has named its winner.

Jim Heberling took the top spot in the Making Your Mark contest, organizers announced Friday. Presented by Power Inn Alliance Inc., the contest helps its winner open a business in the Power Inn District.

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sacramento business journal

Announcement of the Top 3 Finalists!

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SacRamento Bee

Cathie Anderson outlines the Making Your Mark contest for the readers of the greater Sacramento area.

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Councilmember Eric Guerra
Facebook Live

Comprehensive overview of the contest with Councilmember Eric Guerra and the Executive Director of Power Inn Alliance, Tracey Schaal.

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Sonya Sorich informs readers of the deadline extension to May 31, 2017. It isn't too late to apply!

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