2018 Winner

2018 Winner

Liquid Flower

Liquid Flower offers Whole-Plant, all natural solutions for it's health and beauty customers that are free from  preservatives and harmful ingredients. Their mission is to provide ingredients that heal and bring relief to the most common ailments of today. With a focus on the medical cannabis market, Liquid Flower provides high quality and reasonable prices to the end consumer.

Liquid Flower believes in optimizing, not maximizing, cannabinoid levels so everyone can live well. They want to help people feel their best so they create products that capture the therapeutic effects that support this feeling of well-being. Liquid Flower is a veteran-owned company.

Winner ANNOUNCement in Sacramento Business Journal 10/5/18

2018 Finalists

2018 Finalist - California Sunlight

California Sunlight Corporation develops and manufactures cutting-edge next generation solar energy technology  ranging from silver balloon solar, active daylighting, solar powered BBQ, micro-CPV, self-powered solar tracker, solar thermal with storage, solar water heater, to solar table lamp, solar charger, and solar generator.

2018 Finalist - Robotics Evolution

Robotics Evolution produces robots and robot arenas for competition. With four 3D printers, a laser cutter, and working with local manufacturers, they are also producing kits and parts for combat, sumo, and walking robots for competitions and educational purposes.

Finalist ANNOUNCement 6/30/18